NOXIOUS Game Project Finished!

Hey everyone! So we finished our final game project here at full sail last thursday, its call Noxious. We are very excited and pretty happy with how it turned out. Its been quite an incredible experience, and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it. It's up on Indie-DB so you can download and play it yourself (only on Windows). Check it out!

We've already had a surprising amount of support and views on Indie-DB, and I'm so honored and thankful for everyone who has even an interest in our game, it means alot :] You can always access the Indie-DB link to our game over to your left under the "Game Project: NOXIOUS" title.

Also be sure to check out and LIKE our Facebook page, there you will find all the most recent news about the game.

I will be posting different pieces I worked on in the game soon including concept art, 2D graphics, and some props and modeling. So stay tuned, and thanks again for the support!