Noxious Still Going...

So our student-made indie game "Noxious" has continued to have some success with web articles and interviews. I cant believe how much attention the game has gotten, it's so humbling. So once again to anyone who supports or has interest in our game, or has offered critique good or bad, I want to personally thank you so much, it really means a lot to everyone who worked so hard on the game.

I'm just going to keep updating this post with any new articles or interviews. Here's what we've gotten so far. Check them out!

Full Sail Blog

Nocturnal Blog

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Idealsoft Blog (this is translated from Italian, and the translation isn't 100% accurate so bear with it :P)

Kotaku Australia

Indie Games

Indie Game Magazine

Revision 3

Gamasutra News

In Motion Gaming

Super Indie Spotlight

And hopefully more to come! Thanks again for all articles, posts, comments, reviews, downloads, and everything else!