Hand-Painted Sword Update

So I've been working on this sword, I like how it's coming. Up until today my metal was looking more like rock (which I feel like it still does a lil bit :[ ). Then I was on polycount and saw this WIP this dude was working on, and he had a little sample of his hand painted metal. And I noticed something that I hadn't added before, which was a layer of small cloudy splotchy bits to look like dents and staining. I also had to increase the size and contrast of my highlights since metal is shiny. This stuff has really added to making it look like metal (I think). Just goes to show how polycount is awesome, and yea, look at it and stuff :D

I was also on polycount and saw this freaking awesome rocky cliff hand painted texture. It inspired me so much that I decided to drop what I was doing and try and do a texture like it. This is it so far, I kinda got stuck and then stopped. I will probably either continue eventually or just start a new one. I really want to get to the point of being able to do cool perspective textures.